India is bright with colors and traffic and fresh fruit and crowded streets and life flowing in all directions. Time to study with my drum teachers and drum most of the day. My apartment is on the forth floor of the building where my teachers live and provides me with quiet and lots of light to really drop into drop into my own flow. I am washing my cloths by hand daily and hanging them to dry on the roof ( i love doing this …something about it feels so good) and primarily eating papaya and pineapple throughtout the day.  As I settle into my space in the busy city of Chennai I feel the pulse of simplicity return.

While  my habits sometimes want more stimulation I remeber as the days pass how wonderful a simpler life is. I feel blessed to have this intimate time with my teachers and study so many different rhythms on various instruments. While here again I’m always profoundly reminded just how rich and deep India’s art’s and spirituality go.  Blessings to you all 🙂

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  1. Dear John, I just loved reading your india report, we were there in same time, I was in the North. I experienced Harmonium studies in India, all those Ragas…so different form our western style of playing and chanting 🙂 Dave Stringer just has sent me an email and said that you send me your Hello, so I send one back 🙂 the world is small, I am a friend of Miwaka and Greg and thanks to Bart I had a great India trip, he was so kind to connect me with the right persons there…I sincerely hope that one day I can hear you play in the meantime I am looking forward to receive Dave in my home next week and chant with him in Glarisegg, best wishes from zurich, Delphine

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